• 360° view of research
    We adopt a 360° view of reserch
    focusing on constitutive modeling,
    fundamental mechanics of particulate
    media, large and small deformation
    analysis and the application of the
    acquired theoretical knowledge into
    practical applications such as foundation
    design, limit analysis, earthquake
    engineering and offshore design
  • Digital Image Correlation
    We use Digital Image Correlation or DIC
    to analyze the images of a series of
    observation windows in a half circular
    calibration chamber. This allows
    for the visualization of the deformation
    and strain fields occuring in soil during
    penetration and loading of model piles or
    CPT probes
  • Pile analysis
    Results from DIC analysis are used to
    plot iso-displacement contours. In
    conjunction with data collected from
    conventional sensors, stress strain behavior
    of dry sand can be obtained for a penetrating
  • Analysis software
    We provide easy to use software solutions
    for the analysis and design of axially and
    laterally loaded piles, CPT and SPT data
    collection and other practical geotechnical

The Center for Offshore, Foundation and Energy Engineering is engaged in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and development of resources for the practicing community in the areas of offshore engineering, foundation engineering (both on and offshore) and innovative energy engineering applications.

With the experimental and computational resources at the center's disposal and our teams of specialists in piling and foundation engineering, geomechanics, structural engineering, computational mechanics, data mining, image analysis and remote sensing, we here at COFFEE are uniquely equiped to advance knowledge and provide service and education to our target communities.

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