CMUXE People

Prasoon Osman El-Atwani
Postdoctoral Research Associate & Lecturer
in NE

Phone: 765-494-6984 (o); Fax: 765-496-2233
E mail :
304A Potter Bldg, 500 Central Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


Dr. El-Atwani research is focused on materials under extreme environments and in particular, ion beam/laser irradiation of hard materials surfaces including tungsten as a plasma material interface (PMI) and semiconductors. One of his current research topics focuses on the irradiation tolerance of tungsten materials for future nuclear fusion reactors with an emphasis on understanding how helium irradiation affects ultrafine and multimodal tungsten materials formed by spark plasma sintering and severe plastic deformation techniques. He tries to understand the early stages of bubbles and nanostructures formation on these materials at low and high temperatures by performing ion beam irradiation at low energies with in-situ surface erosion measurement or in-situ transmission electron microscopy. He is also working on simulating the performance of high Z materials (such as tungsten) as a plasma facing component using high power lasers ranges from nanosecond to millisecond pulsed lasers. His other research topic focuses on nanopatterning of semiconductor surfaces (III-V semiconductors and silicon) via ion beam irradiation at energies near sputtering threshold. He is running the Particle and Radiation Interaction of Hard and Soft Matter (PRIHSM) facility.


Ph.D. Materials Science Engineering (Purdue University)
M.S. Material Engineering (Sabanci University)
B.S. Chemistry (Middle East Technical University)
BS Chemical Engineering (Middle East Technical University)

Research and academic interests

Ion beam nanostrucuring, Radiation and particle transport in materials, Ion beam implantation, Ion beam mixing, In-situ techniques (such as TDS, XPS, EDS, PL, TEM, GISAXS) and ex-situ techniques (like AFM, PL, FIB, SQUID, HRTEM, STEM).

Professional Service distinctions and awards

Gursel Sonmez research award, Sabanci University (2008)
Yousef Jameel Fellowship Award, Sabanci University (2005-08)
First in Rank in Chemistry Department, METU (2001-2004)
Second in Rank in Chemical Engineering Department, METU (2002,2003)
Third in Rank in Chemical Engineering Department, METU (2002-2003)
Third in Rank in the Official Exams- South of Lebanon (2000)


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