CMUXE People

Polek Mathew P. Polek
Graduate Research Student

Tel: (765)496-3851; 496-1147 (lab)
E mail:

Research topics

Ultrafast laser ablation, Ultrafast laser nanostructuring, Plasma diagnostics


  1. Polek M., Harilal S.S., and Hassanein A. (2012)
    "Two-dimensional mapping of the electron density in laser-produced plasmas"
    Applied Optics 51 498-503

  2. Al-Shboul K. F., Harilal S.S., Hassanein A. and Polek M, (2011)
    "Dynamics of C2 formation in laser-produced carbon plasma in helium environment"
    Journal of Applied Physics 109 053302

  3. S.S. Harilal, M. Polek and A. Hassanein (2011)
    "Jet-like emission from colliding laser-produced plasmas"
    IEEE Trans. Plasma Science 39 2780-81

  4. Coons R W, Harilal S.S., Polek M, and Hassanein A. (2011)
    "Spatial & temporal variations of the temperatures and densities of an  EUV-emitting Li plasmas"
    Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry 400 3239-3246