CMUXE People

norris Ahmed Elsied
Graduate Research Student

Tel: (765) 496-3851
E mail:

Research topics

1) Laser and Plasma Applications: Currently we are studying the fundamental physics of Ultra-Fast Laser interaction with solids, generation of ion sources and dynamics of emitted charged particles. In addition to the applications of ultra-fast laser such as micromachining and waveguide fabrication.

2) Laser Plasma Acceleration: Self-injection Laser WakeField Acceleration LWFA Scheme proposed by Tajima and Dawson has attracted a great deal of attention, and showed a promising relativistic particles beam source. Particles beam characterization and injection conditions are main parameters in this research area, so my focus on studying the conditions needed to generate collimated, relativistic particle beam.

3) Radiation Detection: Radiation detection is a very crucial topic due to its applications such as safe guard and home land security, industrial, medical, astrophysics and cosmology, so on. My focus on developing radiation detector provides better resolution and higher reliability.


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