Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Carl logo CARL was created in 1996 as an interdisciplinary effort of the Schools of Engineering, the departments of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Forestry and Natural Resources, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies, and the Purdue-based Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute. Eighteen companies, five Indiana utilities, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) joined Purdue in establishing CARL, which primarily serves small- and medium-sized manufacturers.


CARL allows Midwest manufacturers to test state-of-the-art clean manufacturing technologies under the guidance of personnel expert in their application. Supervised use of this facility will give you a "level playing field" opportunity to determine which of the available products or processes meets your manufacturing and market requirements.

CARL's purpose is to enable midwest firms to select and implement technologies to help them meet environmental regulations at least cost in their plants, while maintaining desired surface quality. Coatings such as paint, stain, and varnish--used extensively by the furniture, metal and plastics coating industries--contain VOCs, which evaporate into the air as the coatings dry. The amount of VOCs released can be reduced by controlling how the coatings are applied and then dried, but not all companies have the knowledge or equipment to do so. CARL contains equipment that mimics an industrial production line, including booths for applying coatings and numerous types of drying mechanisms as well as a variety of application systems.


Testing has been completed on over 40 projects to date. Projects have included work on wood, metal and plastic substrates. The users of the facility report raw material cost savings, VOC reductions, and improvement in the quality and appearance of the finished product.



Project reports on testing CARL has done for manufacturers are available on the Technology Transfer website.

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CARL works with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management's Compliance and Technical Assistance Office (CTAP) to provide the best available technical information for the surface coating industry. Visit their website at