ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a proactive structured approach to environmental management that provides many benefits for industries. These benefits include cost savings, regulatory compliance, increased market shares and international recognition. However, implementing an EMS that adheres to the ISO 14001 standard can be overwhelming. CMTI employs three RABQSA-certified ISO 14001 Auditors, two of whom are EMS Lead Auditors, who can provide the technical assistance necessary to implement an EMS. 

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Services Provided by CMTI

ISO 14001 EMS Resource Center for Local Governments

Purdue University's CMTI is one of eleven organizations in the nation selected by the EPA as EMS Local Resource Centers to assist local governments with improving their overall environmental performance. Each center also will share information on their activities through a publicly available online national clearinghouse of EMS information for public agencies. For complete details, see the Purdue news release and Lafayette Journal & Courier article. Complete information about the CMTI Local Resource Center can be found at the LRC website.


ISO 14001 EMS Implementation

The CMTI EMS Team can provide assistance for implementation of your organization’s EMS through hands-on activities that describe all of the elements of the ISO 14001 standard and also provide to your organization’s employees much needed information in the development of an EMS. This implementation will be tailored for your organization to provide as much assistance that is required for the creation, implementation and maintenance of an ISO 14001 certified EMS.


Aspects and Impacts Analysis

Aspects are the basis for implementing the EMS. CMTI will assist the EMS team in the development and determination of significant environmental aspects and impacts to establish targets and goals required by an EMS.

ISO 14001 EMS Training Available from CMTI

ISO 14001 EMS Awareness Training

What is an EMS? What does the ISO 14001 Standard require? What does it all mean to your company? These questions and more can be answered by EMS Awareness Training tailor-made for your organization or facility. This training can incorporate the information you need during a time frame that works best for you. To have this training provided at your facility, contact Shayla Barrett at CMTI by phone, 765-463-4749, or e-mail,

ISO 14001 EMS Implementation Training

Want to learn how to quickly implement an Environmental Management System that conforms to the ISO 14001:2004 standard? This intensive two-day training program is designed to give participants the knowledge to accomplish this. Topics covered include an in-depth review of each element of the ISO 14001:2004 standard, how to identify environmental aspects and determine significance, how to write procedures, how to determine objectives and targets, plus everything necessary to implement an EMS that conforms to ISO 14001:2004. CMTI periodically offers open enrollment classes in the Purdue area (Click here for classes) and can also provide this training for your EMS implementation team at your facility. Contact Shayla Barrett, 765-463-4749, for more information.


Internal Auditor Training

The ISO 14001 standard requires that an EMS be audited internally. This two day training program will prepare internal auditors for the task of auditing the EMS through reviewing the ISO 14001 standard, covering the how-to of internal auditing from scheduling to corrective action and actually performing internal audits on-site. To have this training provided at your facility, contact Shayla Barrett at CMTI by phone, 765-463-4749, or e-mail,


ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training

CMTI conducts the 36-hour ISO 14001 Lead Auditor training under the auspices of a RABQSA-certified course provider. Successful completion of the training qualifies the attendee to apply for provisional auditor status, the first step in becoming a RABQSA-certified ISO 14001 Lead Auditor.  CMTI periodically offers these trainings in the Purdue area and other locations and can also provide this training at your facility. Click here for the registration form for the next Lead Auditor training course.

ISO 14001 Conformance Audits

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis identifies the “gaps” in existing environmental policies and procedures compared to the various elements of the ISO 14001 standard.  The gap analysis provides in-depth knowledge of the ISO 14001 standard as well as identifying existing procedures that can easily be modified to conform to the ISO 14001 standard.  It is an excellent starting point for creating an EMS and usually indicates that the majority of an EMS already exists at most facilities.  The gap analysis is offered at a nominal cost to organizations.


Internal Audits

An internal audit is an ISO 14001 conformance audit performed by the organization itself.  The standard requires the organization to conduct the audit using auditors that are independent of the area audited.  CMTI has performed several internal audits for organizations throughout Indiana and can provide non-biased auditors with the additional value of another “set of eyes” to evaluate your EMS.  Internal audits are offered at a nominal cost to organizations.


Pre-Registration Audit

A pre-registration audit follows the same procedure as a registration audit. It will identify non-conformances to the ISO 14001 standard and allow the time needed to correct these non-conformances before the actual registration audit. To date, CMTI has performed pre-registration audits at over thirty locations and all achieved registration on their first audit. The pre-registration audit is offered at a nominal cost to organizations.


EMS Regulatory Compliance Assessment

The ISO 14001 standard requires that organizations periodically evaluate compliance to relevant environmental regulations. The CMTI team has an extensive background in environmental regulatory compliance at manufacturing facilities. Not only will the team determine compliance with the identified relevant environmental regulations, it will also assist in identifying overlooked relevant environmental regulations as well as any upcoming environmental regulations that might apply to your organization.  The EMS regulatory compliance assessment is offered at a nominal cost to organizations.


EPA National Environmental Performance Track (NEPT) and IDEM's Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) 3rd Party Audits

CMTI is eligible to perform 3rd Party ISO 14001 conformance audits for EPA's NEPT program and IDEM's Environmental Stwardship Program (ESP). If you are a NEPT member and need an audit, contact Shayla Barrett by phone at 765-463-4749 or e-mail at

Any of these programs can be tailored to fit your individual facility.  If you are interested in having CMTI engineers visit your facility to perform any of these programs, contact Shayla Barrett by phone, 765-463-4749, or e-mail,