CISTAR Industrial Liaison Officer

Position Summary

The Center for the Innovative and Strategic Transformation of Alkane Resources (CISTAR) is looking for an Industrial Liaison Officer to lead the industry engagement effort, from strategy to implementation. The duties are to manage interactions with companies, ranging from developing their interest, attracting them to become CISTAR members, engaging them in research projects, managing the ongoing relationship, monitoring intellectual property, and assisting with technology transfer agreements. The ILO will also perform miscellaneous duties related to CISTAR to ensure the success of the center, such as mentoring students and facilitating internships. Specific targets in attracting and retaining industry members will need to be met for successful employment.

Essential Functions

Industrial Liaison 40%

  • Implement the membership agreement for Industrial Practitioner Advisory Board (IPAB) participation (core research) and project based research (non-core)
  • Manage the relationship with company members of the IPAB, and be the first point of contact for prospective members
  • Organize annual IPAB meetings, and implement actions resulting from these meetings
  • Monitor research outside the CISTAR core and attract new companies to sponsor non-core research projects
  • Work with companies and CISTAR leadership to ensure clear distinction between core and non-core projects
  • Compile materials related to research findings for technology transfer to industry
  • Ensure appropriate dissemination of confidential and non-confidential materials

Business Development 40%

  • Identify prospective IPAB members, engage with them, present the CISTAR opportunity and convert them to members
  • Monitor invoicing and payments for the annual membership fee
  • Work with companies to highlight the benefits of CISTAR membership and ensure their long term membership
  • Participate in writing proposals for funding for additional opportunities and initiatives
  • Host industrial visits and corporate speakers
  • Visit companies, and interact with corporate representatives

Intellectual Property Management 10%

  • Contribute to the development of a diverse IP portfolio from CISTAR research that will lead to technology transfer to industry
  • Create an initial IP inventory and maintain a data base with all related IP through regular updates  
  • Serve as the liaison between the inventors, Purdue Office of Technology Commercialization, similar organizations at partner universities, and IP attorneys
  • Set up process to evaluate new research findings for IP viability, presenting non-confidential versions to the IPAB for evaluation
  • Manage disclosure and patent prosecution for IP selected by IPAB and CISTAR leadership
  • Ensure that there is no contamination of activity from the core research sponsored by NSF and the projects sponsored by various companies
  • Assist with technology transfer agreements with Purdue Research Foundation and similar organizations at partner universities and various industrial partners
  • Ensure all terms of the industrial membership agreement are enforced and respected at all times

Miscellaneous 10%

  • Perform miscellaneous duties related to CISTAR to ensure the success of the center
  • Develop marketing materials relevant to industry and CISTAR consortium members
  • Prepare reports as needed for NSF and center reporting
  • Arrange for internships and fellowships for CISTAR students
  • Mentor CISTAR students
  • Organize fieldtrips to CISTAR member companies
  • Attend conferences


Experienced executive/researcher with PhD in chemical engineering, chemistry, petroleum and natural gas, or related field. Extensive knowledge of R&D and management practices, experience with IP prosecution and reviewing legal documents and agreements, experience with technology development, technology transfer and start-ups, and experience mentoring students and/or young professionals

Additional information

For details about CISTAR please see

This description is for a full time, benefits eligible position with Purdue University, integrated in the leadership team for CISTAR. Retirement contributions apply immediately. The office for this position is located in West Lafayette, IN. The position will involve significant travel. Successful completion of background check and valid driver’s license required.

Direct all inquiries to the CISTAR Director, Dr. Fabio Ribeiro, at