Careers in Industry

Opportunity at Johnson Matthey: Applications Testing Engineer

(5-10-21) The Applications Testing Engineer is responsible for operation, maintenance, quality, and upkeep of the ACE lab including but not limited to ACE and deactivation units and all GC’s. The position is responsible for delivering timely ACE data in support of NPI projects, Manufacturing Support, and Customer Service requests. The position supervises a technical team supporting lab activities and works with Emission lab supervisor/team as required. The position will also lead NPI projects as agreed with R&D Manager and help to drive a continuous improvement (CI) strategy for the lab.

Opportunity at The Heritage Group: Organic Research Chemist

(5-10-21) We are seeking an organic chemist to help develop solutions to the diverse problems that we take on through chemical synthesis and characterization. We need an ambitious and dedicated colleague who is excited to contribute to hands-on research. The candidate must have a comprehensive knowledge of organic synthesis as well as other analytical techniques (including FTIR, LCMS, and GCMS). The candidate must also have experience with hazardous waste disposal and treatment. Duties include but are not limited to conducting organic synthesis, reaction monitoring, and product analysis, bench chemistry, hazardous waste disposal, and other laboratory duties as designated by direct supervisor.

Opportunity at Cargill: Research Engineer

(04-14-21) The Research Engineer will facilitate direct discussions with client subject matter experts, operations teams and other research engineers to understand facility and process questions regarding material flow, personnel flow, utilization, space constraints and bottlenecks. In this role, you will develop and implement simulation and optimization models designed to answer questions on making our manufacturing and supply chains more effective. You will be collaborating on project planning, model development and validation, deployment and long term support of the solutions.