Elizabeth Bickel Receives 2019-2020 Phillips 66 Fellowship

Event Date: November 20, 2019

Elizabeth Bickel gives a CISTAR presentation to high school students visiting Purdue's campusElizabeth Bickel, CISTAR Graduate Fellow and SLC member, has been selected to receive the 2019-2020 Phillips 66 Fellowship. Bickel will receive $22,000 in funding to support her research in catalysis. Bickel is a third year PhD student at Purdue University advised by Professor Rajamani Gounder.

Bickel’s research focuses on catalyzing Brønsted acidic zeolites which is relevant for upgrading light alkenes (such as ethene and propene) to transportation fuel molecules. As part of the fellowship, she will present her research to Phillips 66 at the Fellowship Forum in April 2020. 

Phillips 66 provides graduate fellowships to promote training for chemists and engineers in energy research and development. These fellowships provide the next generation of researchers an opportunity to make advancements and innovations that will benefit the energy industry.