CISTAR Undergrad Wins Second-Place at Research Poster Competition

CISTAR congratulates Rebecca Reitzel, a CISTAR undergraduate student, for her second-place prize at the 2018 AICHE North-Central Regional Student Conference Research Poster Competition.
The competition, hosted by Purdue’s student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), took place on Saturday, April 7. Over 300 students from 20 universities and top engineering schools in the Midwest attended the two-day event.
Reitzel, a senior Chemical Engineering student, presented on the topic “Effects of Interzeolite Transformation on the Aluminum Distribution in Zeolite Frameworks” to a panel of judges and other students in the competition. Reitzel is a member of Dr. Rajamani Gounder’s research group and conducted the research for this project under his guidance.