CISTAR Holds Inaugural Center-Wide Annual Meeting

Event Date: May 29, 2018
CISTAR hosted its inaugural annual meeting at Purdue University on May 24-25. Researchers, staff, students from the five partner universities and industry representatives were in attendance. The leadership team presented on the progress made towards thrust research goals, innovation ecosystem status, workforce development advances, and diversity and inclusion programs.
Additionally, CISTAR students (graduate, undergraduate, REU) gathered for a two-day Fellows Institute. As part of the Institute, presentations and activities helped the students build communications and safety skills, and exposed them to ethics topics. The entire group visited a Franklin Well extraction field in southern Indiana.
As part of the annual meeting students presented their research in a poster session, and a panel of
industry judges selected one winner from each of the research thrusts as follows:

Thrust 1: Ranga Rohit Seemakurthi, Purdue 
University, Structure Sensitivity Analysis of Propane Dehydrogenation on Palladium (Pd) Alloys, Jeffrey Greeley (Advisor)
Thrust 2: Han-Ting Tseng, Purdue University, Effect of Proton Density on Kinetics and Product Distribution over H-ZSM-5 for Propylene Oligomerization, Fabio Ribeiro (Advisor)
Thrust 3: Zihan Huang, University of Notre Dame, Microporous Polymeric Membranes for Gas Separation, Ruilan Guo (Advisor)
Thrust 4: Taufik Ridha, Purdue University, Modular Process Synthesis, Design and Economic Evaluation of CISTAR Processes, Rakesh Agrawal (Advisor)
The meeting concluded on Friday with diversity, inclusion, and mentoring training for faculty, staff and students. CISTAR’s next center-wide meeting will take place this October at the University of New Mexico.