CISTAR Congratulates Biannual Meeting Poster Pitch and Poster Winners

(October 15, 2020) CISTAR Fellows participated in a virtual Poster Perfect Pitch competition as part of CISTAR's 2020 Biannual Meeting. Students were asked to pre-record their poster pitch and industry representatives and faculty viewed the pitches on October 1, 2020. Perfect Pitch competitions are one of the ways that Engineering Research Centers, like CISTAR, give students real-world experience interacting with industry members and improving their communication skills. Based on voting from a selection panel made up of industry members, staff, and faculty, CISTAR presented awards to the following students:

  • First place: Elsa Koninckx (NU), ‘Mechanistic Model of Ethene Oligomerization on Bifunctional Ni-Acid Zeolites’ (Advisor: Broadbelt)
  • Second place: Allison Arinaga (NU), ‘Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane with Transition Metal Sulfides Using Sulfur as an Alternative Oxidant’ (Advisor: Marks)

And tied for third place: 

  • Third place: Grant Marsden (NU), ‘Kinetic Monte Carlo Modeling of Acid-Catalyzed Reactions in Zeolites’ (Advisor: Broadbelt)  
  • Third place: Elizabeth Bickel (PU), ‘Effects of MFI Crystallite Properties on Propene Oligomerization Rate and Selectivity’ (Advisor: Gounder)

The selection panel also evaluated CISTAR Fellow’s research posters and awarded a winner for each research thrust: 

  • Thrust 4: Kanishka Ghosh (UTA), ‘Reduced-order Kinetic Models and Reactor Optimization for Oligomerization’ (Advisor: Dowling)
  • Thrust 1: Ryan Alcala (UNM), ‘Atomically Dispersed Dopants for Stabilizing Ceria Surface Area’ (Advisor: Datye) 
  • Thrust 2: Jerry Crum (UND), ‘Interrogation and Catalytic Consequence of Al Site Proximity in Zeolites’ (Advisor: Schneider) 
  • Thrust 3: Allison Arinaga (NU), ‘Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane over Transition Metal Sulfides Using Sulfur as an Alternative Oxidant’ (Advisor: Marks)
  • Thrust 6: Zihan Huang (UND), ‘Microporous Polymer Membranes for CISTAR Gas Separations’ (Advisor: Guo)