Perception-Based Engineering Laboratories

The Perception-Based Engineering (PBE) Laboratory enables occupant response testing under controlled conditions in a facility that is highly reconfigurable. Lighting, acoustics, vibration, air quality, temperature, humidity and visual stimuli can be manipulated to examine individual and combined effects.  The room can be configured to simulate building environments to conduct fundamental stimulus-perception research as well as to examine how stimuli levels influence comfort and performance. The south facing façade is reconfigurable in order to study effects of natural daylighting on occupant satisfaction/performance.  This facility can enable the development of a better understanding and models for the impacts of all indoor variables on human comfort and productivity.

Lab space also houses 6 degree freedom hydraulic shaker with flooring system on top of it which can be covered when not in use.

PBE Laboratory - 6-DOF vibration shaker equiped with test setup to mesure human response to vibration

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