Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Strongly Radiating Turbulent Flames

Results from two-dimensional LES of acetylene-air planar jet flame. The modeling combined a laminar flamelet state-relationship model for acetyelene-air combustion with a soot transport and finite-rate kinetics model and a discrete ordinates method (DOM) solution to the radiative transfer equation. Qualitative agreement with previously published experimental measurements was obtained. See DesJardin and Frankel (1999) for further details.


Acetylene and heat release rate

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Soot volume fraction contours and 
radiation heat flux vectors

3D Parallel Discrete Ordinates Method Results

Extension of the above sooting flame work to 3D is underway. This will combine the previous 2D work with the current 3D LES/FMDF code to enable the influence of subgrid-scale turbulence/soot-chemistry/radiation interactions in a consistent fashion. Stay tuned! Results from the solution of a radiative transfer equation using a parallel version of the Discrete Ordinate Method (DOM) with S-6 approximation. This is a 3D rectangular enclosure with cold temperatures at the boundary and three hot spots inside the domain Shown below are blocks and meshes showing 3D domain decomposition for a DOM calculation on 8 processors.

Shown below are isosurfaces of temperature (T=1500 K) showing the hot spots and the sum of the intensities in all the directions resolved along the centerline X-Y, Y-Z and X-Z faces.