Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Modeling Augmentor Dynamics

We are working on exploring the use of commercial CFD codes and advanced turbulent combustion models to study afterburner flame dynamics. We are also working on next generation research codes to study the same aiming for higher numerical accuracy and much improved parallel performance e.g. scalability, than what commercial CFD codes have to offer. An aspect of the work also focuses on the role of detailed chemical kinetics in afterburner dynamics. Future work may also address acoustic issues and stability. The work is supported by Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson AFB, Creare Inc., and Innovative Energy Sciences (IES). Below are two images from our FLUENT-LES work. The relative smooth flame is though to be a result of an overprediction of the filtered heat release rate associated with the finite-rate eddy dissipation model and single-step global kinetics.