Photos of CFDLers Past and Present

Recent Events

Dr. Mark Carpenter, Dr. Travis Fisher, and Prof. Frankel the day of Travis' Ph.D. defense in July 2012. Mark came up all the way from NASA Langley to participate in Travis' defense. Mark co-advised Travis while he spent almost 2 years as a co-op at NASA during his Ph.D. Mark and Prof. Frankel know each other over 20 years when Prof. Frankel spent two summers at NASA Langley during his MS at NCSU. They both look pretty good, eh?

(Prof. Frankel accepting the 2008 Discovery in ME Award from Department Head Dan Hirleman at awards ceremony for his work in DNS of stenotic blood flows)

(Jungsoo Suh with Prof. Frankel in Chaffee hallway on the day (5/14/06) after Jungsoo's Ph.D. graduation . . . Congratulations!)

(left to right, Jungsoo Suh, Sonu Varghese, Prof. Frankel, and Dave Glaze in the cluster computer room standing in front of Dave's baby, ristretto, our linux cluster, the day (5/14/06) after all three of them graduated with their Ph.D.'s . . . Congratulations!)


(left to right: Somesh Khandewahl (MS), Dave Glaze (PhD), Abhilash Chandy (PhD),Sonu Varghese (PhD), Prof. Frankel) in my ME office on the day (4/18/06) of Sonu's and Dave's PhD defenses . . .

(Prof. Frankel, Sonu Varghese, and Dr. Paul Fischer (who drove down from Argonne National Labs) right after Sonu's Ph.D. defense on 4/18/06)


(left to right: Mitch Zimberg, Dave Costura, Paul DesJardin, Greg Hertle, Prof. Frankel, Dr. Dehong Zhang) We all worked in combustion back then (note sign overhead) . . .

Dr. Wei Zhao at his graduation ceremony
Prof. Frankel posing for a publicity photo during his first semester (August 1993) . . . he just turned 27
Prof. Frankel a year or so later in his old ME office . . .
Prof. Frankel at his Chaffee office clowning around for the camera

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