CEM alumni Scott Kaule reaches 5 years with Barton Malow

Event Date: July 28, 2022
CEM alumni establish lucrative career paths and the ability to make a global impact, congratulations Scott Kaule on 5 years with Barton Malow.

Tell me your story

I’m originally from Rockford, MI and grew up a huge Michigan State Fan. Purdue was never on my radar until high school when I truly had to think hard about my future. After enrolling at Purdue and joining the CEM team I took an internship with Barton Malow and haven’t looked back since.

Why Construction Engineering & Management?

When in high school we had to take an aptitude test for what careers best suit me and Nuclear Engineering was at the top of the list. Wanting to stay in the midwest there were few colleges to choose from that had such a program with Purdue being one of them. Not knowing what a Nuclear engineer does I wanted to look at what other reputable programs each school has and I came across CEM. Since I always loved building things growing up I felt like Construction Engineering would be a natural fit. After taking a tour of Purdue’s campus I was sold now I had to figure out between Nuclear and Construction. First semester on campus I took a Nuclear Engineering Seminar to get a better understanding and only made it through three classes because I knew construction was where I had to be.

What has your career path been with Barton Malow?

I’ve been with Barton Malow my whole career, three internships and now five years full-time. Most of the time has been with our Chicago office doing projects for Ford, Notre Dame, and Fermilab. I am now currently back in Michigan working on a project for Ford in Dearborn.

What is your current role?

My job title is Sr Project Engineer and I am currently focusing on our Enclosure bid packages for the project I am on. All of the past projects I have been on were considerably smaller in size where I had to be heavily involved with all scopes of the project instead of a specific portion which is a new experience I have to get used to.

What does an average week look like for you?

Meeting, meetings, and more meetings. Most of the enclosure bid packages are design assist which we are currently going through so most of my time working through the design and coordinating details in between different trades.

After so many years, what do you like most about the work atmosphere?

The ever changing nature of the job. Whether that be from project to project or week to week, there always seems to be new issues that come up that you have never experienced and have to work through and learn from.

How did the CEM program help you achieve your goals?

I think the three internships requirement is great. It allowed me to see different aspects of the industry each summer in order to get a more holistic practical experience to be a construction manager all before I even graduate.

What advice do you have for current CEM students?

Do as much as you can while on your internships.
Project photos provided by Scott Kaule