2002 CEM alumni Deanna Goodman reaches 23 years with Walsh Construction Co.

Event Date: July 29, 2022
CEM alumni establish lucrative career paths and the ability to make global impact, congratulations Deanna Goodman on 20+ years with Walsh.

Tell me your story

Growing up in Northwest Indiana with a love for animals and adventure, I had always wanted to be a Veterinarian…until I realized dealing with the loss of a pet (mine or otherwise) would crush me!  That was no profession for me!  I very much enjoyed math and science, taking AP physics and chemistry in high school. My physics professor encouraged the small amount of us to pursue an engineering career and Purdue was the obvious choice!  Fast forward – my current story is that I am living in Chicago, recently married at Zion National Park in Utah with one giant 100lb Bernedoodle floof ball named Tank.

Why Construction Engineering & Management?

Going into engineering at Purdue made sense, but I wasn’t sure what kind of engineering.  During Engineering 100, I found CEM to be the most management based vs. design and also my father has always been involved in construction and is a hobbyist carpenter, which made it seem like a natural fit to me.

What has your career path been with Walsh Construction? 

I was paired with Walsh Construction through the CEM program and never looked back.  I was instantly hooked on this large, family owned company filled with amazing people I really enjoyed being around.  I started full time out of college as a Project Engineer in the Residential/High Rise Group and during the recission took a small stint in IT.  Missing the field greatly, I joined the Healthcare team in 2010 and have been building and renovating hospitals ever since.

What is your current role?

I am currently a Senior Project Manager within the Healthcare Department working on the Alexian Brothers Medical Center Patient Tower Vertical Expansion as well as Surgery Addition & Renovation Projects, currently managing a team of 15. In addition I am co-chairing the Diversity and Inclusion committee for our company helping set up initiatives such as the Women of Walsh & People of Color Employee Resource Groups, Mentorship Programs, and advancing our Inclusion Practices.

What does an average week look like for you? 

So many meetings… our management style here at Walsh is the full project team at the site, so we are fully immersive and collaborative on the projects.  With the intricate work required for the vertical expansion above and within an active hospital, we spend much of our time coordinating, updating and scheduling with the hospital management and facilities above and beyond typical construction meetings and coordination.  You’d also find me playing in our work softball league, scheduling a work happy hour or walking the job to review any ongoing issues needing resolution.

After so many years, what do you like most about the work atmosphere?

It’s the strong relationships we build and the sense of comradery.  Not just my staff, our healthcare department, my company; but also the hospital employees, the architects and engineers, the tradesmen on the job.  Every single meeting there are major decisions made, every conversation builds relationships.  I try to build an environment that is hard working, but also laid back and fun.  Life is about finding your happiness and what fulfills your drive and passion.

Do you feel like you're making a difference in your job?

I do.  Currently I am working in the healthcare sector and renovating and building new hospital spaces is very rewarding to provide healthcare workers and patients with updated state of the art spaces where they are literally saving lives.  In addition, I believe my roles within Walsh make a difference in building and maintaining one of the best places to work.

How did the CEM program help you achieve your goals?

The CEM program is great because it has such great relationship with quality sponsorship firms and has helped form internships standard practices for many of these firms.  The smaller classes and comradery of the CEM program is also a highlight of my college career.  The program give you the opportunities to learn on the job and form connections to streamline job placement.  I was paired with Walsh Construction 23 years ago, and am still happily here today!

What advice do you have for current CEM students?

Make the most of your internships.  Ask all of the questions, ask to help anyone and everyone, pay attention to different management styles, how to build relationships with owners and subcontractors, and find out as much as you can about your sponsorship firm to see if it is the right fit for you.  In addition, take advantage of the office hours at Purdue – they offer better one on one training for tough classes and you can start working on building relationships with professors and TAs which is similar to interactions with future bosses and owners.

Photos provided by Deanna Goodman