Scholarship Spotlight: Brant Plowman

Event Date: November 30, 2021
Congratulations to CEM student Brant Plowman on being the recipient of the Tim Turner Memorial, The Clark Construction Group, Beavers Heavy Construction scholarship for 2021.

Name: Brant Plowman

Graduation Year: 2023

Internship Company: The Walsh Group

Scholarships: Tim Turner Memorial, The Clark Construction Group, Beavers Heavy Construction 

Tell me some of your “story"

"My name is Brant Plowman and I am from Joliet, IL which is about 45 minutes southwest of Chicago. I played baseball from the time I was four throughout high school and I played for both my school and travel ball. I enjoy watching college basketball, college football, baseball, and Purdue sports of course. I also enjoy working out, hanging out with friends, and playing sports like basketball and golf. Purdue was my dream school, so I am living out that dream and hoping to achieve lofty goals."

Tell me a little about your experience as a CEM student.

"My experience as a CEM student has been great and I would not have it any other way. I was accepted with open arms and staff members willing to help make my experience the best it can be. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to be part of this program and I am looking forward to the rest of my college career in this program."

Why did you choose the CEM program?

"I originally was in civil engineering coming out of first year engineering, but I decided to switch to CEM because I realized that I was pretty set on the construction side of civil engineering. I realized that I liked building things rather than the design aspect of construction, so I thought that CEM was the better choice for me. I also really liked that management was incorporated into this program and felt like my options grew by being in CEM. Another huge reason I am in CEM is Brandon Fulk, who is the advisor for the program. I remember meeting him at one of the engineering events during my freshman year and his attitude and excitement really stuck with me. Being able to work with him has been an amazing experience and I hope many others are able to get that experience too."

Tell me about the projects you worked on.

"I worked with Walsh Construction on a tollway project in Justice, IL this past summer. I worked on I-294 and we were reconstructing the tollway and many aspects of the mile stretch we were on. There were electrical lines, drainage, and noise walls being installed. A huge task on my project was the earthwork and handling dirt. There are 2 big retention ponds being dug and many areas where dirt needed to be removed for new roadway." 

What does this scholarship mean to you?

"These scholarships mean so much to me words can’t describe it. The most important thing that these scholarships have shown me is that the hard work I have put into school is paying off and being recognized for it is something I will never forget. I have been shown that my efforts have not gone unnoticed, and I am able to do great things when I put my mind to something. I am extremely thankful for the scholarships that I have received, and I am even more motivated to work hard to achieve the goals I have set for myself."

How do you manage/balance coursework, internship and normal life?

"I manage coursework, internship, and normal life in a couple ways. I always have an agenda/checklist of what I need to do in each day so that I can plan out my day and so that I do not forget to do anything. I find it important to leave some time throughout the day to take breaks mentally and physically, so that when I am doing an assignment or task, I can do it to the best of my ability."

How is the CEM program living up to your expectations of it?

"I really could not ask more of the CEM program they have done nothing but great things for me and I will forever be grateful for that. They have helped me develop professionally, academically, and as a person overall. I would not be in the position I am today without being in this program."

What are your plans after graduation?

"After graduation I plan on becoming a project engineer and working my way towards becoming a project manager. I am excited to see where this industry takes me and all the interesting projects and people I will encounter along the way."