Professor Victor Gervais promoted to Senior Lecturer

Author: Karyssa Pratt
Event Date: July 26, 2021
CEM is pleased to share Victor Gervais has been promoted to senior lecturer. We interviewed Victor Gervais with a few questions regarding his journey at Purdue

CEM is pleased to share Professor Victor Gervais has been promoted to senior lecturer. We interviewed Victor with a few questions regarding his journey at Purdue.

What has been your journey like working for Purdue over the years?

Any advice for new/ incoming lecturers?

What's your experience/what do you love about your job?

Any other insights or thoughts you might have or would like to share?


My Journey

Dr. Hastak brought me into CEM in 2009 as a lecturer for several courses.  Shortly after that, I advanced to a continuing lecturer, a faculty position, which included student advising.  I have taught Estimating, Scheduling, Construction Materials Lab, Labor Relations and Construction Management. In 2017, I developed a CEM Technical Elective, Inland Navigation Engineering based on my pre-Purdue career for the Corps of Engineers working on Locks and Dams, etc. for 31 years.  I was recently promoted to Senior Lecturer because of my teaching and technical experiences.


Purdue, especially CEM, is an excellent place to work and contribute to the future careers of our CEM students.  It is very rewarding and challenging enough so that you never get bored.  Consider yourself fortunate if you are given the opportunity to join CEM.



There is nothing like contributing to the foundation for the next generation of Construction Engineers.  The students are great and willing to learn and prepare themselves to contribute excellence to society in the structures they will be building.  Love working with the students and all of the excellent and conscientious CEM faculty and staff.


Glad I'm here and part of the excellence CEM provides for our students.  CEM's reputation is well earned and deserved in the greater Construction Community.


Congratulations to Victor on this milestone. Every small step can be the next giant leap.