CEM professors recognized for outstanding dedication to teaching Boiler Engineers

Congratulations Victor Gervais, David Iseley and Theodore Weidner

Fall 2020 introduced new teacher evaluation survey questions, including 10 quantitative questions regarding instruction, on a 5-point scale. EPICS and VIP students were surveyed on instructional aspects relevant to experiential courses. Individual teacher averages are calculated across these quantitative measures.

These faculty, lecturers and other staff who taught Engineering classes had rounded up averages of 4.6 or more in undergraduate or graduate classes with enrollments of 10 and above and 50% or higher response rates based on student evaluations from courses taught in Engineering in spring 2021.

The College of Engineering recognizes the following faculty, lecturers and other staff for their outstanding dedication to teaching Boilermaker Engineers and we especially want to recongize our three CEM professors. Thank you to all of our hardworking engineering faculty lecturers and staff members. They are here for us so we can tackle the next small step and giant leap.

Congraulations to:

Victor Gervais

David "Tom" Iseley

Theodore Weidner