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Research and Innovation

Construction Engineers – shaping the world around us. It is rarely true that one chosen path in life can have such an enormous impact on the lives of thousands, even millions of people, yet that is exactly what a major in Construction Engineering at Purdue does for its graduates.

Every undergraduate is given three terms of in-the-field experience before graduation, preparing them for the real world and giving them an advantage in the job market. These terms are tailored to the students’ areas of concentration and research specialties. Each student works with our faculty members to present final projects before graduation. Our faculty specializes in over two dozen research areas, from Nanoconstruction to International Construction, so that by the time a student leaves our program, he/she has had ample opportunities to explore every aspect of their Construction Engineering degree.

Technology for real-time data at construction sites

Phillip Dunston, professor in Purdue’s Division of Construction Engineering and Management, and Joseph Louis, a doctoral candidate, have developed technology that will provide real-time information to project managers at construction sites, which could lead to reduced cost and time overruns.

The software, which uses an operational model of the project site and receives input from sensors at the site and on equipment, can provide real-time actionable insights to a project manager (PM).

Using traditional software, PMs are only given a high-level overview of what work needs to be done. The software created by Dunston and Louis will provide PMs with a real-time overview of the worksite operations. “Our technology puts the sensor data into the context of the operations, which allows the manager to monitor progress; make real-time, data-driven operational decisions; and automate the worksite at an operational level,” Louis says.

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