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Architectural Detailer

Company: O'Brien Metal, Inc. 
Specialty Area: General 
Type: Full-Time 
Graduating in: May August December
With degree: BS MS PhD
Location: Chicago, IL 60642 


We are looking for highly thoughtful and detail-orientated individuals to provide architectural detailing services with a focus on custom designed interior and exterior architectural metal solutions for high-end residential and commercial clients. Individuals will work closely with top NYC and Chicago architects/designers and in-house fabrication teams to form the link between design concepts and the completed solution.

Our architectural detailers bridge the gap between idea generation and design formulation, refining the details that achieve the goals of functionality, constructability, and aesthetics. They ensure that the best and most efficient design processes are used and the right materials are selected. They monitor quality assurance, costs, and deadlines throughout the project.

Company is Located is Lincoln Park, Chicago 60614


Strong CAD skills. Masters preferred, but not required.

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