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Federal Highway Administration


The Federal Highway Administration

Who We Are

The Federal Highway Administration is one of the major organizational units of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Our Mission

The FHWA seeks to create the best transportation system in the world for the American people - one that moves people and goods safely, economically, and efficiently throughout the Nation and across international borders. The FHWA also considers the effects that highways have on the environment, communities, and our national economy.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

The FHWA works with State and local transportation agencies, highway associations, private industry, and other Federal Government agencies and the U.S. Congress. We promote the use of technology and telecommunications in highway construction and transportation management to improve highway quality and safety and to reduce congestion on the highways.

Federal-Aid Highway Program

The FHWA administers the Federal-Aid Highway Program, an annual multibillion dollar program of financial assistance to the States to construct and improve the National Highway System, which includes the Interstate system, significant arterial routes, other urban and rural roads, and bridges.


The FHWA has its Headquarters Office in Washington, DC. If you become part of our headquarters staff, you will be involved in developing policy and program guidance, as well as technical solutions to highway and transportation problems that challenge our Nation. You will work closely with our field organizations, including our four Resource Centers and 52 Federal-aid Division Offices.

Resource Centers

The FHWA's field organization includes four Resource Centers: Eastern—Baltimore, Maryland; Southern—Atlanta, Georgia; Midwestern—Olympia Fields, Illinois; and Western—San Francisco, California. Their primary role is to support the State-level Division Offices and other agency partner/customers by providing leadership for the agency's strategic planning goals and initiatives; technical and program assistance and training; promoting technology deployment and adoption of best practices; assisting in intermodal and interagency coordination in such areas as air quality, innovative finance, and engineering; legal services, and assistance on civil rights matters.


A Division Office is located in each State, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Division Office staff are on the front lines of FHWA's mission to build a safe and efficient highway transportation system in the 21st century. Working closely with others in State and local transportation agencies, FHWA division personnel provide advice, guidance, and technical assistance on all phases of highway planning, design, construction, and maintenance.

Federal Lands Highway Division Offices

The FHWA has three Federal Lands Highway Divisions: Eastern Division—Sterling, Virginia; Central Division—Denver, Colorado; and Western Division—Vancouver, Washington. These Divisions provide transportation engineering services to Federal agencies for the planning, design, construction, and rehabilitation of federally owned highways and bridges. Such roadways include forest highway system roads, parkways, national park roads, Indian Reservation roads, Defense Access roads, and other Federal roads.

Research Center

The FHWA has one of the most advanced research facilities in the world, the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia (near Washington, DC). The research center performs a significant role in testing new highway construction materials and methods, as well as developing and evaluating the latest highway safety and traffic control technologies. The center provides laboratory facilities for FHWA staff and grant and contract researchers. During your FHWA career, you may have the opportunity to work in the research center.

International Assignments

There are opportunities for personnel to work in our Office of International Programs or in a number of international assignments. The FHWA has contributed to the development of highway systems and programs in more than 70 nations, sharing technical advice and providing assistance. Through its technology transfer programs, the FHWA exchanges research findings and experience with other nations, which benefits the global transportation community. Such international projects provide FHWA personnel the opportunity to work and live outside the United States.
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