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Weddle Bros. Construction Companies are innovative and progressive construction professionals with operations in the Midwest region of the United States. Our reputation for excellence is founded on sixty years of successful and diversified projects that encompass Industrial and Commercial construction and site development, as well as Hospital and Health specialties. We also have vast experience in all types of General Construction, Bridges and Highways, along with the related expertise of pile driving, soil stabilization and storm and erosion control.

Our outstanding safety record and utilization of innovative safety programs are defining new standards in the industry. We have won numerous awards and recognition for our achievements in safety and we take pride in protecting our team members and creating one of the safest work environments in the industry.

These factors, combined with state-of-the-art construction methodologies, advanced project scheduling and control systems, and highly trained and skilled team members, allow us to ensure our projects are of the highest quality and are completed on time and for great value for our client.
Industry: Construction

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Robert Hahn
Human Resources Manager
2182 West Industrial Park Drive
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: 812.339.9500