Bowen Lab - The 66,000 square-foot Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen Laboratory for Large-Scale Civil Engineering Research provides the space and technical capability needed to investigate the behavior of large structural models and elements subjected to loads representing extreme events, such as earthquakes, blasts, and impact, so that future structures will be designed to better withstand these extreme events.

Facilities Floor Plan - All CEM offices and labs are located in Purdue's modern Civil Engineering building. Space is ample for student and faculty needs, and the building houses student study spaces, lounges, and student organization rooms in addition to classrooms, labs and lecture halls.

Lyles Computer Lab - The Lyles Construction Computer Laboratory is a facility within the Division of Construction Engineering and Management that provides a rich environment to support both teaching and research activities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Multimedia Development Lab - The lab contains hardware and software to perform multimedia development and research for Construction Engineering and Management students.