The Graduate Studies

Master of Science (MS/MSE/MSCE)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University offers specializations in Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) at both the master's and doctoral levels for qualified persons who are seeking advanced engineering degrees in the construction area. These programs are intended for persons holding baccalaureate degrees in some area of engineering.

Student on Rawls Construction Project at PurdueOur graduate studies in CEM consider the dual technical and managerial responsibilities of the constructor. Construction engineering courses deal with specialized technical areas such as construction scheduling, simulation, and the utilization of construction equipment. Construction management courses emphasize the management of the total construction process, which begins with the initial planning for a new facility and ends when the completed facility has been delivered to its new owner. A major emphasis is placed on rational thought processes as well as modern decision-making techniques. Interdisciplinary concepts are also stressed, since the constructor's areas of responsibility extend beyond the solely technical to include the management of fiscal responsibilities and human resources.