Dr. Deanna McMillan Creating Ripples That Will Reach the World

Author: Sabrina Reed, Staff Writer for Black Cultural Center
Dr. Deanna McMillan, director of internships in the division of Construction Engineering and Management, is still fairly new as faculty here at Purude.

Raised in Queens, NY, Dr. McMillan is a first generation college graduate in her family. She didn't stop at just one degree. Dr. McMillan obtained three degrees, all in the field of engineering: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania, Master of Science in Engineering (Construction) Management from Drexel University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (Construction Management) from Pennsylvania State University.

McMillan spent the early years of her career in leadership training for Proctor and Gamble. She eventually left the company to do what she really wanted to do, teach. After contacting Professor Abraham, in the Department of Civil Engineering, McMillan became a faculty member in July 2007. However, she doesn't see teaching as just giving a lecture and assigning assignments. "My job here is to raise the bar and leave a wider door open than one I walked through," said Dr. McMillan.

After doing volunteer construction projects in New Orleans, Antigua, Kenya, and helping colleagues, Dr. McMillan soon saw the ripples it sent through the global community. To create those ripples, you need to somehow bridge the gap between cultural differences. Dr. McMillan gives the following simple equation as an explanation on the ripple effect. "When you combine your knowledge, experience, and the resources available, you end up with those ripples that go out into the global community."

McMillan hopes to see and be a part of establishing, "a mechanism put in place where everyone who wants an education can get one without mortgaging their future." Combining her kowledge, experience, and accessible resources, and dropping them here at Purdue will create ripples that will reach the globabl community for infinity.