3ID JOINS CEM Enterprise

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3ID logo
3ID logo
3ID is a Purdue University group in the School of Construction Engineering and Management that performs various research activities and IT services to public and private organizations.


3iD is a research and development group that focuses on developing information technology (IT) solutions and digital education content.  It was started by Dr. Bob McCullouch and has two full time employees, JB Kang and Dominic Kish, who are supplemented by numerous students coming from different IT disciplines.  JB and Dominic are Purdue graduates in computer science and computer graphics respectively.

3iD has developed numerous IT applications and expertise in the following areas.

·         On-line educational applications

·         Digital education content

·         Mobile applications

·         Multimedia content development – Videos, Animations

·         Content management systems

·         Dynamic websites

·         Web tools

To learn more, visit their website at  http://rebar.ecn.purdue.edu/3iD