Ayhan Irfanoglu

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Purdue University

Lyles School of Civil Engineering

550 Stadium Mall Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
Phone (765) 496-8270
Fax (765) 494-9886
Office HAMP 4117 / BOWN 1022
PhD, California Institute of Technology, 2000
MSCE, California Institute of Technology, 1994
BSCE, Middle East Technical University, 1993
Specialty Group(s)
Research Interests
Earthquake and blast engineering, performance-based structural engineering frameworks, modal testing and analysis, structural health-monitoring, large-scale structural analysis and simulation, and engineering seismology.
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Recent Publications
  • A. Irfanoglu, "Using Numerical Simulations and Engineering Reasoning under Uncertainty: Studying the Collapse of WTC-1", Computer-aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, accepted for publication, 2010.
  • B.N. Luna, and A. Irfanoglu, "Estimating Base Shear versus Roof Drift Curves using Earthquake-Response Data", Earthquake Spectra, accepted for publication, 2010.
  • K.A. Korkmaz, A. Irfanoglu and A. H. Kayhan, "Seismic Risk Assessment of Buildings in Izmir, Turkey," Natural Hazards, September 2009 (online), 2010 (print).
  • K. Miamis, A. Irfanoglu, and M.A. Sozen, "Dominant Factor in the Collapse of WTC-1", Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, v.23(4):203-208, 2009.
  • A. Irfanoglu, "Performance of Template School Buildings during Earthquakes in Turkey and Peru", Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, v.23(1):5-14, 2009
  • Irfanoglu, A., and C.M. Hoffmann, "An Engineering Perspective of the Collapse of WTC-I", Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. v.22(1):62-67, 2008.
  • Griffiths, J.H.P., A. Irfanoglu and S. Pujol, “Istanbul at the Threshold: An Evaluation of the Seismic Risk in Istanbul”, Earthquake Spectra, v.23 (1): 63-75, 2007.
  • Beck, J.L., E. Chan, A. Irfanoglu and C. Papadimitriou, "Multi-criteria Optimal Structural Design under Uncertainty", Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 28:741-761, 1999.