Joseph V. Sinfield

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Purdue University
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Office: HAMP G231
Phone: (765) 496-2742

Specialty Area(s)

Research Summary

    Sensing in civil and geoenvironmental engineering:
  • Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy for geoenvironmental sensing

  • Understanding nitrogen cycle inefficiencies in the soil and water environment using in-situ sensing techniques

  • Assessing biodegradation potential and progress for monitored natural attenuation of chlorinated solvents in groundwater

  • Economic and technical benefits of real-time rolling resistance measurement for haul road vehicles

  • Prevention of sensor bio-fouling during in-situ freshwater analyses

  • Examination of subsurface pavement drainage conduits using GPR

  • Assessment of high molecular weight organic compounds by LED-induced fluorescence

  • Pore fluid engineering for liquefaction remediation

    Innovation and business management:
  • Managing the inherent uncertainty of developing new innovations and encouraging their adoption

  • Evaluation of case-based teaching methods as a means to develop entrepreneurial skills and mindset among engineering students

  • Company level liquidity assessment and financial decision making for construction contractors

  • Strategic development of high-performance teams in large-scale construction projects

  • Developing a process to manage identify, prioritize, and adopt new technologies in departments of transportation

  • Business model innovation

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997
M.S.C.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994
B.S.C.E., Bucknell University, 1992

Honors & Awards
2010     National Academy of Engineering-U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Invitee

2009     3M Innovation Influencer

2009     Keynote - Headstrong Innovation Forum (Tokyo, Japan)

2008     Keynote - Utility Executives Leadership Institute (Santa Fe, NM)

2007     Keynote - Utility Executives Leadership Institute (Pinehurst, NC)

2006     Keynote - Business Innovation Factory (Providence, RI)

2006     Keynote - Lab Products Association (Baltimore, MD)

2005     Keynote - Near Field Communication Forum (Dallas, TX)


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