Dennis A. Lyn

Professor of Civil Engineering

Purdue University

Lyles School of Civil Engineering

550 Stadium Mall Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
Phone (765) 494-9615
Fax (765) 494-0395
Office HAMP 1101C
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 1986
MS., University of Toronto, 1981
BS., University of Toronto, 1980
Specialty Group(s)
Research Interests
Experimental fluid mechanics computational fluid mechanics, turbulent flows, sediment, transport, environmental fluid mechanics.
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Recent Publications
  • Lyn, D. A. and E. R. Blatchley III (2005). "CFD-based models of ultraviolet disinfection channels", ASCE J. Environmental Engineering, vol. 131, no. 6, June, 2005, pp. 838-849
  • Lyn, D. A. (2004). "Steady and unsteady simulations of turbulent flow and transport in ultraviolet disinfection channels", ASCE J. Hydraulic Engineering, 130, no. 8, August, pp. 762-770.
  • Lyn, D. A. and Altinakar, M. (2002). "The St-Venant-Exner equations for near-critical and trans-critical flows", ASCE J. Hydraulic Engineering, 128, no. 6, pp. 579-587.
  • Lyn, D. A. (2000). "Regression residuals and mean profiles in uniform open-channel flows", ASCE J. Hydraulic Engineering, 126, no. 1, pp. 24-32.
  • Chiu, K. P., Lyn, D. A., Savoye, P., and Blatchley III, E. R. (1999). "Effect of UV system modifications on disinfection performance", ASCE J. Environmental Engineering, 125, no. 5, pp. 459-469.
  • Keskar, J. and Lyn, D. A. (1999). "Computations of laminar incompressible backward-facing step flow at Re = 800 with a spectral domain decomposition method", International J. for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 29 (4), Feb. 28, pp. 411-427.