Phillip S. Dunston

Professor of Civil Engineering

Purdue University

Lyles School of Civil Engineering

550 Stadium Mall Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
Phone (765) 494-0640
Fax (765) 494-0644
Office HAMP 1243
Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1994
M.S.C.E., North Carolina State University, 1992
B.S.C.E., North Carolina State University, 1988
Specialty Group(s)
Research Interests
Virtual Reality Applications for Construction Planning and Management; Construction Automation and Robotics; Highway Construction Methods; Advanced Technology Applications for Construction Equipment; Constructability Maintainability.
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Recent Publications
  • Dunston, P. S. and Wang, Xiangyu (2005). "Mixed Reality-Based Visualization Interfaces for the AEC Industry." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, to appear in December. ASCE.
  • Wang, Xiangyu, and Dunston, P. S. (accepted May 2005). "Human Factor Issues in Augmented Reality System for AEC: An Experimental Prototype Study," to Automation in Construction, Elsevier.
  • Dunston, P. S., Gambatese, John A., McManus, James F. (2005). "Assessing State Transportation Agency Constructability Implementation," Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE.
  • Shin, Do Hyoung, Dunston, P. S., and Wang, Xiangyu (2005). "View Changes in Mixed Reality-based Collaborative Virtual Environments," ACM Journal Transactions on Applied Perception, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Vol. 2, No. 14.
  • Jonasson, Snaebjorn, Dunston, P. S., Ahmed, Kamal, and Hamilton, Jeff. (2002). "Factors in Productivity and Unit Cost for Advanced Machine Guidance," Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE.
  • Swett, Geoffrey D., Stanton, John F. and Dunston, P. S. (2000). "Methods for Controlling Stresses and Distortions in Stage Constructed Steel Bridges," in Transportation Research Record 1712, Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council.