Ernest R. Blatchley III

Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Purdue University

Lyles School of Civil Engineering

550 Stadium Mall Drive

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051
Phone (765) 494-0316
Fax (765) 494-0395
Office HAMP 2129
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1988
M.S., University of California, Berkeley, 1983
B.S., Purdue University, 1981
Specialty Group(s)
Research Interests
Physico/chemical processes of environmental engineering.
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Selected Research Projects
  • 2006-2008, American Water Works Association Research Foundation, Challenge Organisms for Inactivation of Viruses by Ultraviolet Treatment, Blatchley.
  • 2006-present, HydroQual, Analysis and Validation of Large-Scale Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems, Blatchley with Scheible, Bergstrom, and Robinson.
  • 2006-2007, National Swimming Pool Foundation, Combined Application of UV Radiation and Chlorine for Recreational Waters-Phase I: Basic Chemistry and Photochemistry, Blatchely.
  • 2006-2007, Center for the Environment, Purdue University, Development of a Peptide Nucleic Acid Actinometer, Blatchley with Bergstrom.
  • 2003-2008, NASA NSCORT: Center of Excellence in Advanced Life Support, Mitchell.
  • 2004-2007, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Demonstration-Scale Evaluation of Dyed Microspheres for Quantification of Dose Delivery in Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems, Blatchley w/ Bergstrom and Robinson.