Sanjeev Malushte

Research Professor, Distinguished Fellow, and Senior Director of Technology, Purdue Applied Research Institute, with Courtesy Appointment in Civil Engineering

Purdue University
160 Mann Hall
203 S Martin Jischke Dr.
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Office: Remote Work Location (Washington, DC metro area)
Phone: (301) 351-5925


PhD, Virginia Tech, Engineering Mechanics Master of Engineering Management, George Washington University MS, Virginia Tech, Engineering Mechanics MS, Virginia Tech, Structural Engineering BE (Honors), University of Bombay, Civil Engineering

Prior Work Experience

  • Former Bechtel Fellow, Technology Manager, and Senior Advisor for Structural and Earthquake Engineering; Bechtel Corporation
  • Former Adjunct (part-time) Faculty Member for Structural Master’s degree, Civil Engineering Department, Johns Hopkins University

Professional Services

  • ASCE Technical Committees - Stability, Dynamics, Seismic Effects, Shock and Vibratory Effects
  • ASCE Standard Committees - ASCE 7 (Main committee and subcommittees for Seismic, General Provisions, Loads and Load Combinations), ASCE 4, ASCE 43, ASCE 59 (Blast Design)
  • AISC Standard Committees - Committee on Specifications (AISC's main/apex committee), Seismic Provisions, Nuclear Facilities
  • ASME Section III Division 2 Concrete Containment Structures
  • DOE 1020 Standard Committee (Natural Phenomena Hazards)
  • IEC/ARESCA TC-88 Wind Energy Committee (support towers/foundations)
  • ASCE Policy Committee - Energy, Environment, and Water Issues
  • ASCE Committee on Climate Intelligence in Codes and Standards
  • ASCE Infrastructure Resiliency Division (past control group member)
  • FEMA - Nonbuilding Structures Committee of National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program (NEHRP), Building Seismic Safety Council

Licenses, Registrations, and Certifications
CEng - Chartered Civil Engineer, UK
PE - Licensed Civil Engineer, California
SE - Licensed Structural Engineer, Illinois
PE - Licensed Mechanical Engineer, California

Research Interests
Dr. Malushte has broad expertise in structural and earthquake engineering. In particular, his expertise includes seismic design, steel-plate composite (SC) design, steel/concrete design, blast design, analysis/design for impact loads, design of underground structures, wind load design, use/application of U.S. and international structural/seismic codes and standards, finite element analysis, and machinery foundation.

Honors & Awards

  • Bechtel Fellow (2005-2022), elected as one of the youngest Bechtel Fellows – the highest technical recognition in Bechtel
  • Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers (UK)
  • Bechtel’s 2021 Innovation of the Year Award
  • 2018 Recipient of ASCE Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr. Energy Award
  • Inducted in 2019 as a Distinguished Civil Engineering Alumnus of Virginia Tech
  • PI/Co-PI or participant in many government/industry-sponsored seismic/structural research projects
  • Invited peer reviewer for many research projects and manuals of practice
  • Advisory board member for many industry/government/academic forums (e.g., Advisory Board for Virginia Tech College of Engineering, US government working group for resilient infrastructure planning and development)

Selected Publications
Over 80 journal/conference papers, research reports, and invited seminars in fields of structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, structural standards, and steel-plate (SC) composite construction.