Phillip S. Dunston

Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean's Faculty Fellow for HBCU Engagement

Purdue University
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Office: HAMP 1243
Phone: (765) 494-0640


Specialty Area(s)

Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1994
M.S.C.E., North Carolina State University, 1992
B.S.C.E., North Carolina State University, 1988

Research Interests
Virtual & Mixed Reality Applications for Construction Training, Planning, and Field Activities; Highway Construction Methods; Constructability; Field Sensing for Construction Equipment Operations; Real-Time Control for Construction Operations; Human-Machine Collaboration

Selected Research Projects

  • National Science Foundation (NSF): Mixed Reality Science and Technology Integration for the Architecture, Enigneering, and Construction Industry, August 2003-July 2008.
  • Construction Industry Institute: Design Practices to Facilitate Construction Automation, January 2001-September 2002, Subcontract.
  • National Cooperative Highway Research Program: Costs/Benefits of Constructability Reviews for State Transportation Agencies, August 2000-December 01, Co-PI.
  • Washington State Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration/Washington Asphalt Paving Association: Evaluation of Highway Reconstruction Practices-Comparison of Full Weekend Closure to Nighttime Closures, March 1997-April 1998, Co-PI.

Teaching Activity
CE 220 - Construction Management

CE 321 - Construction Planning and Scheduling.

CE 523 - Selection and Utilization of Construction Equipment.

Honors & Awards

National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2003-2008.

Best Technical (Paper) Award for "Virtual Visualization for the Mechanical Trade," 17th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC), Taipei, Taiwan, September 18-20, 2000, co-authors Mark Billinghurst (Ph.D. candidate Electrical Engineering), Yihong Luo (Masters student in Electrical Engineering), and Ben Hampson (Piping Detailer/Applications Developer for the McKinstry Company, Seattle, WA).

University of Washington Presidential Faculty Development Fellowship, 1999-2000.

First recipient of the Washington NASA Space Grant's Faculty Award, 1995-1996.

ACI Construction Practice Award, awarded by the American Concrete Institute, for the article entitled, "Formwork Pressures on Tall Wall with Extended Set Concrete," published in Concrete International (Vol. 16, No. 11), co-authors David W. Johnston and Paul P. McCain, awarded March 1996.

Selected Publications

  • Dunston, P.S. and Wang, X. (2005). "Mixed Reality-Based Visualization Interfaces for the AEC Industry." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, to appear in December. ASCE.
  • Wang, X. and Dunston, P.S. (accepted May 2005). "Human Factor Issues in Augmented Reality System for AEC: An Experimental Prototype Study," to Automation in Construction, Elsevier.
  • Dunston, P.S., Gambatese, J.A., McManus, J.F. (2005). "Assessing State Transportation Agency Constructability Implementation," Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE.
  • Shin, D.H, Dunston, P.S., and Wang, X. (2005). "View Changes in Mixed Reality-based Collaborative Virtual Environments," ACM Journal Transactions on Applied Perception, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Vol. 2, No. 14.
  • Jonasson, S., Dunston, P.S., Ahmed, K., and Hamilton, J. (2002). "Factors in Productivity and Unit Cost for Advanced Machine Guidance," Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE.
  • Swett, G.D., Stanton, J.F., and Dunston, P.S. (2000). "Methods for Controlling Stresses and Distortions in Stage Constructed Steel Bridges," in Transportation Research Record 1712, Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council.