Yining Feng

Research Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Purdue University
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Office: HAMP 4105
Phone: (765) 494-7289


Specialty Area(s)

Ph.D., Purdue University, 2020
M.S., Purdue University, 2016
B.S., Dalian Maritime University, 2014

Research Interests
My overall research goal is to enable sustainable infrastructure and environmental health through developing multi-disciplinary research program in nanomaterials and related device technology. The research centers on discovering fundamental science and novel technology enabling sustainability, resiliency, and energy efficiency of civil infrastructure.

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Graduate Research Award, CoE, Purdue University, 2020
  • Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, CoE, Purdue University, 2020
  • William and Mary Goetz Graduate Fellowship, Lyles School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2018, 2019
  • Zimmerman Innovation Award, Lyles School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2018
  • Polsky Center for Women in STEM Leadership Workshop, University of Chicago, Sponsored by NSF, 2017
  • NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps), 2017
  • William and Mary Goetz Graduate Fellowship, Lyles School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2017
  • College Student Pacesetter, Dalian, 2012

Selected Publications
Google scholar:

  • Y. Feng, K. Yazawa, N. Lu. "High Performance Conformal Thermoelectric Generator for Environmental Monitoring", ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 4, 1, 197-205, 2022.
  • K. Yazawa, Y. Feng, N. Lu. "Conformal Heat Energy Harvester on Steam Pipelines for Powering IoT Sensors", Energy Conversion and Management, 244, 114487, 2021.
  • Y. Feng, YF. Su, N. Lu, and S. Shah. "Meta Concrete: Exploring Novel Functionality of Concrete Using Nanotechnology", Engineered Science, 8, 01-10, 2019. DOI:10.30919/es8d816
  • Y. Feng, V. Saravade, T. Chung, Y. Dong, H. Zhou, B. Kucukgok, I.T. Ferguson, and N. Lu, "Strain-Stress Study of AlxGa1-xN/AlN Heterostructures on c-Plane Sapphire and Related Optical Properties", Scientific Reports, 9, 10172, 2019.
  • Y. Feng, A. Elquist, Y. Zhang, K. Gao, I. Ferguson, A. Tzempelikos, and N. Lu, "Temperature Dependent Thermoelectric Properties of Cuprous Delafossite Oxides", Composites Part B: Engineering, 156, 108-112, 2019.
  • Y. Feng, X. Jiang, E. Ghafari, B. Kucukgok, C. Zhang, I. Ferguson, and N. Lu, "Metal Oxides for Thermoelectric Power Generation and Beyond", Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials, 1 (1), 114-126, 2018.