Professor of Civil Engineering

Courses taught by Professor Blatchley (2000-2013)

  • CE 350 Environmental Engineering - Introduction to basic principles of environmental engineering. Course covers basic tools of environmental engineering and related disciplines. Students are introduced to principles of water quality, wastewater treatment, potable water production, air pollution and air pollution control, global atmospheric phenomena (stratospheric ozone depletion and global warming), solid and hazardous waste, and contemporary issues (e.g., water supply for developing countries, sustainability).
  • CE 550 Physico/Chemical Processes of Environmental Engineering - A core course within the graduate program in Environmental Engineering, this class provides students with fundamental tools used to evaluate environmental engineering systems. The course emphasizes theoretical aspects of basic processes; students are exposed to specific applications through examples. Course topics include basic transport phenomena and reactor theory, particle/fluid separation processes, surface processes (adsorption, ion exchange), disinfection processes, and photochemical reactor theory.
  • CE 597A Physico/Chemical Process Laboratory - Laboratory class that operates in parallel with CE 550. Students are given opportunities to conduct experiments that illustrate principles of Physico/Chemical Processes.
  • CE 593 Environmental Geotechnology - A course developed in conjunction with faculty from the Geotechnical Engineering group in Civil Engineering, this class covers topics related to environmental engineering issues that relate to soils. Specific issues addressed in this class include: principles of landfill design, groundwater movement, fate and transport of fluid (gas or liquid) phase contaminants in the subsurface, slope stability, geosynthetics.
  • CE 697 Advanced Physico/Chemical Processes of Environmental Engineering - Designed as a sequel to CE 550, this class covers advanced topics related to Physico/Chemical Processes. Most topics covered in this class relate to dynamic behavior in Physico/Chemical Processes. Specific examples include: gas-liquid transfer, fluid (gas or liquid): solid transfer, membrane-based processes, and photochemical reactors.
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