Civil Engineering Committees

ABET Committee
Alumni Achievement Awards Committee
External Awards Committee
Faculty Governance Committee
Graduate Committee
Honors Committee
Internal Awards Committee
Named Professors Committee
Primary Committee
Recruitment Committee
Renovation Committee
Safety Committee
Staff Advisory Committee
Staff Awards Committee
Study Abroad Committee
Undergraduate Committee

Civil Engineering Advisory Council Board

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CE Faculty & Staff serving on College of Engineering Committees

Advisory Council-Division of IDE
Continuing Engineering Education
Cooperative Education Committee
Coord. for the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination
Curriculum Reform Task Force
Diversity Action Committee
Engineering Area Promotions Committee
Engineering Faculty on the University Senate
Engineering Leadership Team
Engineering Tenure and Promotions Processes and Practices Committee
Faculty Relations Committee
Engineering Library Coordinating Committee
Engineering Named Professorships Committee
EPICS Curriculum Committee
Faculty Advisory Group
Faculty Award Committee
First-Year Engineering Curriculum Committee
Junior Faculty Council
Staff Award Committee
Strategy Team
United Arab Emirates Committee