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Head's Message

I think I speak for just about everyone at the Lyles School of Civil Engineering when I say we have put more into preparation for the Fall 2020 semester than any previous semester in my recollection of nearly 30 years as a teacher. After months of global uncertainty and cloistered living, we are desirous that the fall semester will bring a sense of stability to tens of thousands of Boilermakers.

Bioinspired Design

Whether it's drawing inspiration from a bone's microstructure or aiding in harnessing renewable energy, researchers at Purdue University are consistently seeking new ways to innovate with 3D-printed materials.

Investigating Seismic Vulnerability

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is responding to the seismic risk presented by the Wabash and New Madrid faults with a multi-year effort, started in 2018, to enhance the seismic response and training of INDOT personnel. Over the last three years, the effort has focused on assessing the seismic vulnerability of the state's bridge network.

Tiny House, Giant Impact

At just 192 square feet, Purdue University's newest civil engineering laboratory is remarkably small for a research space. Yet, Lyles School of Civil Engineering Visiting Purdue Professor Nusrat Jung has big plans for it.

Big Questions

Researchers pivot to examine issues related to COVID-19 pandemic including water safety, response to stay-at-home orders, the efficacy of UV radiation, and the role of economic inequality.

An Incredible Journey

From following a family tradition, to forging her own path in the world of civil engineering, Megan Elberts has continually made great strides in her career — and she's poised to make her next giant leap.
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