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The Christopher and Susan Burke Hydraulics and Hydrology Research and Teaching Laboratory is equipped with ultra-modern facilities for preparing future civil engineers to address global water challenges.

Burke Lab

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Purdue Water Community

Purdue Water Community
facilitates water-related research, teaching, and engagement to improve and sustain human and ecosystem health

Robot Submarine

Robot Submarine patrols Lake Michigan
to gather biological and environmental data for climate-change study

News & Announcements

  • Introducing the Purdue Civil Engineering Towing Tank
    Coming this spring, the Purdue Lyles School of Civil Engineering's towing tank will be fully operational! The purpose of the tank is to quantify the forces and flow patterns around objects in order to optimize their design. Objects can include anything from buildings to torpedoes. The tow tank is similar to a wind tunnel, except that we're using water and towing the object through the fluid, instead of blowing the fluid past the object.
  • New Burke Lab offers advanced water-engineering features
    The School of Civil Engineering dedicated a new laboratory housing advanced hydrology and hydraulics facilities for teaching and research related to water resources.