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The TechSeal Division of Parker Seal Group specializes in the fabrication of precision extrusions made from many different types of elastomers. TechSeal cut parts are ideal for use in modern high-speed automated assembly operations. Below are just a few of the applications where TechSeal parts are used:

Temperature Control
Gas Controls
Aerosol Valves
Water Control Devices
Electric Switches and Connectors
Electric Heating Devices
Seals used with Gasoline
Seals used with Diesel Fuel
Screw and Nail Washers
Spraying Devices
All types of Automotive Applications
Oil Filter Seals
Electrical and Connector Enclosures
Small Appliances
Oil Filter Seals Large Appliances
Thermostat and Automatic Controls
Medical Applications
Cryogenic Equipment
Plumbing fixtures

Industry: Manufacturing

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