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In addition to being the world's preeminent sea power, the Navy is also involved in massive civil engineering projects throughout the world. From city-sized bases to airfields to harbor facilities, the Navy spends billions of dollars yearly to support its high-tech force of ships, aircraft, support equipment, and personnel.

Each year the Navy completes hundreds of construction, renovation, maintenance, and building projects all over the world. You may find yourself piecing together satellite images to form large image maps of a foreign town destroyed by an earthquake or flood or providing important information for rescue and rebuilding efforts. As a Civil Engineer Corps Officer, you may work in any or all of the following areas:

Contract Management: Be the primary contact between the Navy and contractors. Solicit and manage bids. Supervise construction and troubleshoot issues.

Public Works: Supervise and maintain utilities at shore facilities. Oversee construction and repair. Manage budgets and approve public works plans.

Construction Battalions: The legendary ?Seabees? support Navy and Marine activities in the field overseas. Command 400 to 600 enlisted workers in building airfields, bridges, ports, or buildings.
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