Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Wireless Monitoring and Control for Civil Infrastructure

The objective of this research is to develop advanced distributed monitoring and control systems for civil infrastructure. The approach uses a cyber-physical co-design of wireless sensor-actuator networks and structural monitoring and control algorithms. The unified cyber- physical system architecture and abstractions employ reusable middleware services to develop hierarchical structural monitoring and control systems. This research will result in a reduction in the lifecycle costs and risks related to our civil infrastructure. The multi-disciplinary team will disseminate results throughout the international research community through open-source software and sensor board hardware.
Grant: NSF-CNS-1035748
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Faculty Investigator: Dr. Shirley Dyke
Graduate Students: Charlie (Zhuoxiong) Sun, Chul Min Yeum, Sriram Krishnan (MSME 2013), Wei Song (PhD, 2011)