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Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitat Engineering (RETH) Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitat Engineering (RETH)
The goal of this project is to develop the expertise needed to address the grand challenge of permanent human settlements outside Earth.
Solar Cooling and Heating System Solar Cooling and Heating System
The solar absorption cooling and heating system (SACH) located at Bowen Lab of Purdue is the first high temperature SACH system composed of stationary solar concentrators and a double effect absorption chiller. This system primarily uses 100 m2 stationary eXternal Compound Parabolic Concentrating collectors (XCPC) and a 23 kW double-effect absorption chiller to provide the cooling and heating demands.
Dynamic Tri-axial Compression Experiments Dynamic Tri-axial Compression Experiments
The experimental setup modifies a Kolsky bar by adding pressure chambers to axially and radially confine specimens before and during impact. As a result, the effect of strain rate and confinement pressure upon the material response may be determined.
streaming data middleware process graphic Empowering the Scientific Community with Streaming Data Middleware: Software Integration into Complex Science Environments
This project addresses a key cyberinfrastructure requirement for these communities -- robust and reliable streaming data middleware known as Open Source Data Turbine (OSDT). This collaborative project combines strategic software developments with deep engagement in three science communities: civil engineering, marine science, and ecology.
  Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Wireless Monitoring and Control for Civil Infrastructure
The objective of this research is to develop advanced distributed monitoring and control systems for civil infrastructure. The approach uses a cyber-physical co-design of wireless sensor-actuator networks and structural monitoring and control algorithms.
Cyber-Physical Instrument for Real-time Hybrid Structural Testing (MRI) Cyber-Physical Instrument for Real-time Hybrid Structural Testing (MRI)
This project focuses on the development of an instrument to integrate physical and simulated components of an RTHS. The goal is to integrate these under a common reusable middleware architecture for flexible and reconfigurable use.

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