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Assistance with Academic Issues

Academic support and resources are offered by many offices across campus. A few popular sites for CE students are:

  • Financial Aid - The Division of Financial Aid office can provide assistance with many issues related to aid packages, loans, etc.
  • Purdue Transfer Credit Database - Considering taking a course elsewhere? Do your homework first to ensure how the course will transfer by searching Credit Evaluation's database of college courses that transfer to Purdue.
  • Continuing Education-Distance Learning - Interested in taking an online course? This is where to start your search.
  • Testing Center - Coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students; click to learn more about Advanced Credit Exams, exams given by departments, CLEP, etc.
  • Key Undergraduate Advisors - Need to discuss major or minor requirements for another program? Information on this link can help you find who to contact in undergraduate advising offices across campus.
  • Industry Opportunities & Career Placement

The following duties are assigned to a specific advisor. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate advisor by clicking on your desired topic below. When scheduling appointment, make certain to note the reason for your visit.

Link to Krannert Scheduling assistant for both Julie Jesiek and Marty Lah (please select based on the following below):   Scheduling System

  • CODO into Civil Engineering -Julie Jesiek
  • Study Abroad - Individual - Marty Lah
  • Undistributed Transfer Credit - Julie Jesiek
  • Scholarships -Julie Jesiek