Honors Program

Civil Engineering Honors Program. The Honors Program is designed for those students who enjoy the intellectual challenge of honors courses, the opportunity to interact closely with distinguished faculty, the advantage of participating in cutting-edge research and the distinction of graduating with honors from a university with an international reputation for excellence. An honors component is available in each sub-discipline in the School of Civil Engineering: architectural, construction, environmental, geomatics, geotechnical, hydraulics and hydrology, materials, structural and transportation.

Academic Excellence. The CE Honors Program seeks to recognize students with academic excellence and encourage their quest for an enriched academic experience. A CE honors student must complete a total of twenty-four points (credits) to graduate with the CE honors distinction. Points are accumulated through honors contracted courses. Twelve of the twenty-four points must be technical (nine from CE courses and a three-hour research component). Points accumulated in First Year Engineering can be included in the twenty-four points required by the CE Honors Program.

CE Honor Courses. Honors contracted courses supply the student with an enriched experience in a CE course within the student's plan of study. These courses require a contract between the professor and the student.

Prospective Honors

Selection Criteria. Students who have a minimum GPA of 3.6 and have completed five or fewer semesters may join CE honors. Students who have completed five or more semesters will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Invitations are sent to eligible students at the beginning of each academic year.

Contracted Projects. For procedures, program requirements and contracts please see Contracted Projects.

Resources. If you have any questions about this excellent program please contact the Undergraduate Office.

Activities. See the honors students in action!