CODOing into the School of Civil Engineering

Attend a CODO Appointment

Students considering a CODO (change of degree objective, or change of curricula) into Civil Engineering MUST first sign up to meet individually with a CE advisor during a "CODO appointment" to discuss requirements and the details of their records.  If outside of the College of Engineering, students should have already completed or be in the process of finishing ALL First Year Engineering courses to attend. 

Sign up for a CE CODO appointment by clicking here. You will need to log in with your career account login.


To be eligible to CODO into Civil Engineering, a student must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • ALL of the First Year Engineering curriculum must be completed, having obtained a minimum 2.0 EAI.  This includes ENGR 13100 and ENGR 13200. 
            *Not done with First Year Engineering requirements  - Attend First Year CODO session instead
  • A CODO GPA of 2.5 is required. The CODO GPA will include all current grades for courses pertinent to the civil curriculum.
  • Student shall be in good academic standing (not on probation) at the time of CODO.
  • Availability of physical facilities and other resource limitations shall determine the number of students that may be accepted for transfer into the program at any given time. Students who apply for CODO and are denied because of space limitations may reapply.
Timing: CODO Deadlines
For CODOs to be effective for the current term, CODO papers must be processed in Weeks 1-2 of the current term.
All CODO papers signed in Weeks 3-16 will be effective for the following academic term.  (Civil Engineering has the discretion to not authorize a CODO during Weeks 3-16 if it is determined that there is a need to wait for currently enrolled courses’ grades to post.)
How to Obtain CODO papers and CODO Procedures