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CEGSAC Committees

CEGSAC committees organize and host events throughout the semester for the Civil Engineering graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Professional Development Committee

  • Foster relationships between successful alumni and students
  • Create seminar programs to help students with future professional skills
  • Develop workshops to help students succeed academically in graduate school

Cultural & Community Outreach Committee

  • Provide students and faculty with social activities
  • Help with new student orientation and recruitment
  • Develop a stronger community atmosphere between students and faculty

Sports, Health & Wellness Committee

  • Make students aware of, and encourage them to take advantage of, resources on campus related to: dealing with stress, mental health, work/life balance and good nutrition/fitness

Advocacy Committee

  • Provide students information about their rights
  • Provide faculty members with information about how they could serve students in a better way and vice versa
  • Develop a stronger community atmosphere among students and faculty