Sample Timeline for Fall Admission

If you are considering graduate studies, you should plan on the following schedule of activities for an August Admission. Application dates for other terms are listed at the bottom of this page.

During the period of August-November, research the institutions you are considering attending graduate school. For graduate studies at Purdue University you should use the following resources:

During the period October-November: International applicants should arrange to take the TOEFL/IELTS and have the scores submitted to Purdue University.

During the month of November initiate your application so you can make sure all components are completed by December 31.

During the month of December be sure all supporting material (transcripts, reference letters, exam scores) has been received by our graduate office. It is important that all material be received by December 31 to ensure you receive complete consideration for all financial aid opportunities. We will continue to accept application materials after December 31; once we have received a complete application package, you will be considered for whatever funding is available at that time.

During the months of February-April, you will receive emails from the CE Grad Office, letting you know as your file progresses through the review process. During this period you may also be receiving competitive offers. Take the time to evaluate not only the gross monthly stipends, but the cost of living in other geographic areas.

During the months of May and June accepted students should visit some of our community links and begin making arrangements to move to West Lafayette.

Summary of Application Dates by Term